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Meet Our Ministerial Team

Our ministerial team is composed of passionate and dedicated individuals committed to guiding our congregation on their spiritual journeys.


Emanuel Holland

Lead Pastor

Pastor Emanuel Holland has devoted over 30 years to ministry, serving through worship, preaching, teaching, leadership, and counsel.He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Health and a Minor in Sociology from Appalachian State University, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Theology and a Master's of Divinity from North Carolina Theological Seminary. His heart's desire is to simply serve God with a spirit of excellence alongside his wife, giving God an abundance of glory, honor and praise.

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Carla Holland


Pastor Carla Holland has passionately dedicated her life to teaching biblical principles. After many years of nurturing her faith and serving in various leadership roles, she answered the call to pastoralship and was ordained alongside her husband, Pastor Emanuel, in May 2010. With degrees in Business Administration and Religion from Campbell University, Pastor Carla combines her educational background with her heartfelt commitment to helping others apply God's Word in their daily lives.


Alexander Bass


Elder Alexander Bass is dedicated to supporting the vision of RC3 through his leadership and administrative gifts. He works closely with parishioners, helping them develop their individual talents while providing spiritual nurture and protection for the ministry. Elder Alexander leads by example, relying on the sound doctrine of God's Word and striving to be a godly role model for all.

Telicia Bass

Minister, Superintendent Christian Education

Minister Telicia Bass is passionate about using her gifts to encourage, teach, and minister to God's people, cultivating discipleship at RC3. She is committed to furthering the vision of RC3 by teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, aiding in building up disciples through God's Word. Minister Telicia trusts the Holy Spirit to guide her as she fulfills her role in the Great Commission.

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